• Presentation at the AAAL Conference (Thor Sawin & Gabriel Guillén): Team Tandem Unplugged: Insights from Three Years of Local Intercultural Exchanges (March, 2021)
  • Article in Foreign Language Annals (Gabriel Guillén, Thor Sawin, & Netta Avineri): Zooming out of the Crisis: Language and human collaboration (May, 2020)
  • Hartnell President Weekly Report: ESL students co-present with Middlebury students (January, 2020)
  • AAAL Presentation (Thor Sawin & Gabriel Guillén): Acquiring Natural Multiword Expressions through Recordings of Local Intercultural Exchanges (March, 2018)
  • Soledad Bee: Soledad students improve their English and Spanish speaking skills (June, 2017)
  • CALICO Presentation (Gabriel Guillén & Thor Sawin): Low-tech for the Autonomous Learner. The Use of Recordings in Face-to-Face Intercultural Exchanges (May, 2017)
  • Monterey Weekly: A cultural and language exchange program across the Lettuce Curtain (May, 2017)
  • MIIS Facebook: First Tandem Symposium (December, 2016)
    “The first annual Tandem Symposium marks the first group of Middlebury Institute students to complete the Language Learning in the Community class, led by Spanish language professor Gabriel Guillén and alumna April Danyluk MAIEM/MPA ’16. The class traveled to Soledad each week for English-Spanish language exchanges with a women’s collective group, Mujeres en Acción. This Symposium was the culmination of a semester’s worth of accomplishments and challenges, highlighting participants’ Spanish language improvements as well as the friendships created over the course of the semester…”
  • Monterey Herald: Women’s Fund launches scholarship program (May, 2016)
    “Martha Zepeda (…) is also taking part in an exchange program through the Middlebury Institute of International Studies to practice her English with students who want to practice Spanish”
  • MIIS Newsroom: New Language Program Connects Spanish Learners with Local Hispanic Community (October, 2015)

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