Recicle Learning

Development, as often happens, proceeds here not in a circle but in a spiral, passing through the same point at each new revolution while advancing to a higher level

Lev Vygotsky

Recicle Learning (LLC) is a spinoff of Team Tandem, a Middlebury Institute project that was launched in 2015 and has connected hundreds of English and Spanish learners in the valley of California. Our expertise in social CALL and positive experiences with Team Tandem led us to create Recicle Learning as a platform to launch and support similar projects.

We are a team of language professionals who want to change the way we see and develop intercultural communicative competence, ensuring that anyone in the world has access to affordable and transformative language learning experiences. Our work is grounded in social CALL* theory and a core principle: technology serves best when facilitating human communication.

*Computer-Assisted Language Learning

What do we offer?

  • Content development and curriculum design for your language learning product, leveraging our expertise in content-based instruction, task-based language teaching, intercultural exchanges, the growing participator approach, and, of course, CALL.
  • Revamping your language program or courses, recycling or producing new Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Immersive learning assessment, using an appreciate inquiry framework to find areas of growth for your study abroad program.
  • Online language learning mentoring for formal and informal learners who are stuck, regardless of their level and aptitude beliefs.
  • Consulting in the areas of language pedagogy, digital learning, and intercultural communicative competence.
  • Social impact metrics for language learning products.

The name of our organization is inspired by many stories, including our experiences with audio recordings within the context of intercultural exchanges, conversations around the ecology of language development and the principles of tandem learning (autonomy and reciprocity), and frustrations with the lack of curricular spiraling in our field.

Our clients include publishers, tech companies, educational institutions, and individuals. Let us know if you are seeking this type of transformation for you or your organization! If you want an immediate response, call (805) 305-1058